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More Gina Carano, Less Kimbo Slice

Thumbnail_crop_php_mediumAnybody else feel like we've been inundated with Gina Carano media over the last week?  After the absolute debacle on PTI, it looks like EliteXC decided to focus on Gina Carano instead of Kimbo Slice.  Tonight she will be on the Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson.

I think this is a great PR move.  The Kimbo hype will certainly emerge a few days before the fight, but going after potential curiosity viewers by putting Gina out there is very smart.  She comes across very well in interviews, will not make a mockery of the sport, and is very likely to have an exciting fight that lives up to the hype Saturday night.  

It's only Monday, but I think the EliteXC show Saturday night is going to do a very good number.  All the concern a few weeks out about lack of promotion was overstated, it is only the ten days or so before the show that really count.  Nobody sees an ad for this show in August and marks it down on their calendar.  I think they'll do as well or better than their first show, it just remains to be seen whether that is enough to convince CBS to bail them out.

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