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Live Gate for Pacquaio vs. De La Hoya = $17 Million

Take that, mixed martial arts:

These numbers are illustrative of a couple of things in regards to mixed martial arts. One is the different financial planes the two sports operate on when it comes to their high end shows. The UFC looks to have a highly profitable run of cards from November to January, but it would take two or possibly all three of the UFC cards to equal the De La Hoya fight when all the monies are finally counted.

The second thing to take from this is the war chest available to Golden Boy in their Affliction experiment. They certainly have the wallet for the deal, but do they have the will? In the absence of a true understanding of MMA within GB, will there be a crisis of faith in their co-promoted cards with Affliction? That is a key question, one that you would think was answered in the affirmative before they ever decided to step into the MMA arena.

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