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ESPN and PTI Should Be Ashamed of Their Kimbo Slice Interview

Honestly, words fail me. This is beyond the pale.

UPDATE: I can barely speak about this outrageous interview, but others do the job well:

Watch this video.  Tony vacillates between ignorant and insulting.  He is an older man, but that does not excuse complete ignorance to a sport that is at the very LEAST on the radar.  It maybe out of his demo, but he could still read an article.  Watch a video or two on Slice.  There is no excuse.  I have SHIT on Dan Lebatard in the past.  I think he is manic and over eager at times.  Even he treats their guest with respect and asks good questions.  He seems genuinely excited to have Kimbo on the show.

Tony, in this interview, embodies everything that ESPN is in regards to MMA.  Ignorant and old fashioned.  Hard core mixed martial arts fans may not like Kimbo as an ambassador to the sport, but thats what he is.  What fans have to realize is that it’s not Kevin Ferguson they have to hate.  It’s the relics that are doing the interviewing and relying on complete ignorance and ancient sterotypes to conduct themselves when they do.