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Is "Bigfoot" Silva Innocent?

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva and manager Alex Davis have vehemently maintained the EliteXC Heavyweight Champion's innocence since the day it was reported in late August that Silva tested positive for boldenone following his July 26th title defense against Justin Eilers at EliteXC's "Unfinished Business." Now the 11-1 Brazilian fighter has taken things a step further, and Davis reports that Silva is prepared to present the California State Athletic Commission with a second drug test on October 8th which will conclusvely clear his name:

“We did a second exam and it came negative, and if he had used boldenone it couldn’t have a negative result, because this substance stays in your body for at least 12 months”, says Alex.

. . .

“Our lawyer is one of the best of the America and he asked for an audience with Athletic Comission, and we’ll show them the evidences”, told Davis, revealing that the producer of the supplement that Silva uses admitted that it can give a false-positive result for boldenone. “They admit that it can give a false-positive on the exam, the same thing that happened with Alexandre Pequeno (after his fight at WEC against Jose Aldo)”, guarantees Davis.

We'll see how this pans out in a few weeks, but the news about this supplement (the manufacturer for which was curiously not named) combined with the fact that direct boldenone use by someone with Silva's hormonal condition could be fatal seemingly makes for a solid case. Of course, Sean Sherk thought he had all his ducks in a row when he went before the CSAC too, and that didn't really work out for him.