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Quote of the Day: DREAM.6 Fallout

"Every MMA site went out of their way to cover the DREAM 6 event as if it was a big deal, and yet when the bad TV ratings predictably were released, none of these sites are talking about the fallout. I am curious as to why…"

-- Zach Arnold, asking a very good question. The terrible DREAM.6 ratings here.

The truth is DREAM (and Sengoku) is something of a sideshow for hardcore MMA fans. It's a bonus set of high level fights in a world only privvy to the dedicated fan. Moreover, there is something of an ignorant assumption floating among fans that MMA in Japan can never really suffer in the long run. Amidst turmoil and change, they expect high-level Japanese MMA organizations to find a way to gut through. After all, it's Japan, right? The home of some of the largest, biggest, most widely attended MMA shows in history, right? Nothing could happen, could it? Even with the purchase of PRIDE and the yakuza scandal, there is the expectation that Japan's highest level organization will be the perpetual phoenix rising from the ashes. We shall see.

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