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Kimbo Slice vs. David Blaine

I'll say in defense of Blaine he does have some decent card tricks. Apparently he's got otherwordly ability to absorb punishment and you'll be able to see that yourself tonight:

Tonight David Blaine will push the limits of the human body once again with his "Dive of Death" two hour special, which airs on ABC beginning at 9 p.m. ET tonight (September 24).

Basically he’ll hang upside down by a thin wire, five stories in the air over Wollman Rink in New York City’s Central Park. For three days and three nights (72 hours) he’ll stay suspended from the wire without a safety net of any kind.


Leading up to the mysterious conclusion of the "Dive of Death" ABC will air footage of Blaine performing various other magic tricks while on a cross country road trip.

One of the stunts Blaine has on tape that will be part of the broadcast will be him showing off his ability to absorb a punch to the stomach from Elite XC heavyweight fighter Kimbo Slice. The stunt is designed as a tribute to Blaine’s hero Harry Houdini, who died from injuries inflicted from punches to the stomach, according to

One really hopes for Kimbo's sake the symbolism he seems to be the physical manifestation for eventually translates into in-ring abilities. That or there is a huge bubble about to pop.

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