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Fedor Talking Japan on NYE, Affliction Says No

As Chris Nelson reported earlier, Fedor appeared at the DREAM.6 show and teased the fans with a potential New Year's Eve fight, possibly against gold medal judoka Satoshi Ishii.

Naturally Affliction's not happy since they have big plans for Fedor to headline their show on January 11th in the U.S. or do they.....

Not so fast says Affliction Entertainment VP, Tom Atencio.

"Fedor was supposed to fight for them on New Year's Eve, but he is not because we extended his contract," Atencio said.

When asked if it was 100% confirmed that Fedor would be fighting on the upcoming Affliction/Golden Boy card on January 17, 2009, in Anaheim, Atencio stopped us dead in our tracks.

"The date and location are not official," Atencio said. "Everyone is tripping. Our next show will definitely be the 1st quarter of 2009 in January, possibly February. Nothing is confirmed though."

Fightlnker speaks for everyone with a brain here:

Hmm, so let’s see what we know: Fedor’s Affliction contract is a US only contract. Affliction doesn’t even have a date locked down for Fedor’s next fight and therefore no bout contract has been signed. How likely do you think it is given those facts that Fedor is going to pass up on another NYE event in Japan? The dude magically pulled a NYE event out of his ass last year because he loves doing it so much. Does anyone really think he’s going to pass this up for a proposed event by a company that just cancelled it’s last event and is working on a questionable partnership with a boxing promotion?

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