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Anderson Silva is Not Retiring

Manager Ed Soares confirmed last night that Anderson Silva has no plans to retire:

"He still has six fights on his contract. ... I know he will finish his six fights before he considers hanging up his gloves."

News of Anderson's possible retirement actually had some people speculating that he could be leaving to pursue his boxing goals:

He has talked in the past about getting in the boxing ring and could bring a cadre of fans with him. Though he has been a UFC company man, doing whatever Dana White asked of him, Silva's possible entry into the ranks of the sweet science could be a dream-come-true for the Affliction/Golden Boy partnership.

Even if Silva retired tomorrow, this could not and will not happen for numerous reasons.  First of all, his contract has six fights on it, and would prevent him from "retiring" and then going over to boxing.  Second, in addition to those fights the contract has a champion's clause that keeps him an extra year even when the contract runs out.  Third, by the time he could ever get out and go box Affliction will surely be gone.  Finally, the fight with Roy Jones would never happen if the UFC was not behind it, because it would no longer be worth it.

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