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Strikeforce at the Playboy Mansion II Results, Updates and LIVE Fight Coverage

Strikeforcemansion2_medium will have live play-by-play of tonight's Strikeforce event at the Playboy Mansion, featuring a main event of Kazuo Misaki vs. Joe Riggs, as well as the long awaited American debut of Japanese star Mitsuhiro Ishida against Justin Wilcox and a non-title match between Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh Thomson and Ashe Bowman.

The card will start streaming on at 10:30 PM EST / 7:30 PM PDT - be sure to make your way back to for live discussion, updates and post-fight analysis.

A note of interest to those who like their events blogged live: we'll also have coverage of the very stacked DREAM.6 event this coming Tuesday, September 23rd, beginning at 3 AM EST.

The stream just started up in the middle of the 3rd round of the Brandon Magana vs. Brandon Thatch fight. Magana is dominating with ground control and strikes, and if the commentary from Ken Shamrock and unspecified play-by-play guy is to be believed, he's on his way to a unanimous decision.

Nope... Brandon Magana def. Brandon Thatch via Split Decision

Lon McHeron is our man in the booth with Shamrock, by the way. An uncomfortable intro with lots of references to "hot babes" (or something) and Ken calling Riggs' opponent "Kizaki" a bunch of times. But hey, we get seven fights. First up...

Kenneth Seegrist vs. Eric Lawson

Seegrist is undefeated at 5-0 with a win over Jason MacDonald. (Not that Jason MacDonald, but an 0-1 Jason MacDonald.) Sounds like Lawson has a following in the crowd, and they're just about the only ones making noise. Jimmy Lennon, Jr., just announced that the event is being broadcast live on "Sure Dog dot com."

Round 1: Lawson immediately shoots and raises Seegrist to the rafters before slamming him down at the base of the cage, but gets himself caught in a guillotine in the process. He wrestles himself out and moves to side control before Seegrist works his way up to the feet. They clinch and Seegrist gains another guillotine, but Lawson escapes again. Lawson connects with a few stiff shots from guard, now moves to mount and Seegrist gives up his back. Lawson has both hooks in and Seegrist's legs are stricking straight into the air as Lawson sinks in a rear naked choke. Referee Herb Dean jumps in to wave it off as Seegrist has no choice but to tap.

Eric Lawson def. Kenneth Seegrist via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:07 of Round 1

Shamrock is interviewing some guy who looks like Horatio Sanz' stoner uncle in "the ring, err, uhh, cage." Apparently he's the head of "In Ya Face Records," whose artist, Holly Rae, has "a video with some Strikeforce guys in it, so, uh, that should be good." We're treated to the video, and it's not.

Jesse Juarez vs. Luke Stewart

Stewart has to feel a bit shafted tonight. He was supposed to fight Shonie Carter back in June, before Carter shattered a knuckle in training. Then tonight's headliner Joe Riggs stepped in, but the CSAC said he couldn't fight because he'd taken pain medication too close to the fight. Then it was Drew Fickett, and we all know what happened with Drew Fickett. Stewart never ended up getting an opponent and this is his first match since the undercard of the Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le show.

Congratulations, Luke Stewart, you are the 1,000th fighter to walk out to "Ambitionz Az A Ridah."

Round 1: Stewart comes out throwing body kicks, then half-blocks a right high kick from Juarez, who rushes in with follow-up shots and presses Stewart to the fence. Stewart ties up his opponent's right leg as Juarez throws fierce shots downward. The fighters stand, Juarez now controlling Stewart's back with a bodylock, with a liberal application of foot stomps. Stewart escapes after about a minute of searching for a hammer lock and switches levels, taking Juarez down and gaining the mount with :40 remaining in the round. :20 left and Stewart is looking for an armbar on Juarez' left arm. He spins to Juarez's right and it's all over! Juarez taps with just seconds to go.

Luke Stewart def. Jesse Juarez via Submission (Armbar) at 4:55 of Round 1

Anthony Ruiz vs. Trevor Prangley

"A-Train" seems very eager to avenge his loss to Trevor of two years ago; you can tell the non-tap has irked him since. Tom Atencio is sitting in the front row and tapd Prangley (or "Pangley," if you're Jimmy Lennon) on the shoulder and makes him turn around to slap fives before Trevor enters the cage. Sigh.

Round 1: The fighters clinch against the cage and exchange knees. Prangley is throwing the better of the two, connecting with Ruiz' midsection until "A-Train" catches a low one. He's alright and they're back at it in 20 seconds. Prangley meets a Ruiz shot with a hard right knee, but Ruiz survives and comes throwing bombs, connecting with a pair of wild, winging rights, then ties Prangley up against the fence. The South African wrestles Ruiz down and gains full mount. Ruiz attempts to buck out but instead gives up his back. Prangley's back is to the fence with his legs wrapped fully around Ruiz's midsection. Ruiz throwing blind shots backwards, a few of which connect and seem to give Prangley cause for concern as he takes a break from working for the choke. Ruiz rolls and escapes and the pair trade leather to the end of the first round. scores the round 10-9 for Trevor Prangley.

Round 2: Beautiful double leg takedown to start the round and Prangley is immediately in side control. Ruiz turtles but isn't out of the woods yet as Trevor maintains side/back control and is sneaking big left hands around the corner. Ruiz is flat on his belly for a moment with his head flush to the canvas and Prangley drops some hammerfists right on Ruiz' face. Ruiz is fighting a purely defensive fight at this point as Prangley hammers away at his face and body, even trying for an armbar in the last seconds of the round. Ruiz has a messy cut over his left eye as he walks to his corner. scores the round 10-9 for Trevor Prangley.

Round 3: Prangley ducks a left hand from Ruiz, changes levels and dumps "A-Train" on his head. Knees to the body from side control force Ruiz to get up to his knees, but now Prangley has his back and is shooting more of those sharp, short punches to Ruiz' face, which is increasingly knotted and swollen. Ruiz gets up but Prangley puts him right back down with yet another double. And again. The round is over now, but it was over as soon as Prangley hit that first takedown. A dominant win for the South African wresling champ, should be unanimous. scores the round 10-8 for Trevor Prangley. scores the bout 30-26 for Trevor Prangley.

Trevor Prangley def. Anthony Ruiz via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Justin Wilcox

Round 1: Ishida working the outside and counter-punching Wilcox, who gets frustrated and shoots after about a minute. Wilcox grabs Ishida's left leg, but Ishida sits, controls his opponent's left arm and flips Wilcox head over heels into a severe looking armbar. The end.

Mitsuhiro Ishida def. Justin Wilcox via Submission (Armbar) at 1:21 of Round 1

Terry Martin vs. Corey Devela

Round 1: Martin hits a powerful takedown but Devela uses the cage to escape back to the feet easily. Despite a noticeable height and reach advantage for Devela, Martin is having no problem overpowering his opponent as he repeats the take down which sends Devela's legs flying in the air. Devela looking for a kimura to no avail, and works his way back up. Now Devela shoots, but it's stuffed by Martin and the two clinch on the cage. Devela is throwing lots of combos and definitely getting the better of the standup, utilizing his lanky frame with knees and looping punches. Tough round to call, but Devela deserves it for the striking and sub attempt, whereas Martin's multiple takedowns led to nothing. scores the round 10-9 for Corey Devela.

Round 2: Martin with another takedown to open the second frame, straight into Devela's closed guard. Corey rolling left and angling for the kimura on Martin's right arm, but gives it up and stands, turning Martin's back to the fence. They break and Devela just misses with a right high kick. Martin throwing wild shots; he's looking for one big punch but he can't wade in close enough to Devela to make it count. Spinning back kick partially connects from Devela, who shoots into a guillotine but escapes quickly. Another spinning back kick lands low but time runs out at Martin is recovering. scores the round 10-9 for Corey Devela.

Round 3: Devela lunges with a flying knee and follows it up with a solid four- or five-punch combo. Martin stuffs a shot - not sure why Devela is shooting, he's picking the more powerful Martin apart on the feet. Devela throws a lazy low kick and Martin steps in with a dynamite left hook that puts Devela down! Herb Dean doesn't step in immediately and Martin drops an extra right hand on the semi-conscious Devela before the ref calls it. Martin found that big punch.

Terry Martin def. Corey Devela via TKO (Punches) at 2:30 of Round 3

Kudos to for the stream tonight. Strikeforce's production aside, it's gone off without a hitch - crystal clear video, no buffering, etc. Now... when's the next Fury FC??

Gil Melendez is joining Lon and Ken for commentary on this fight. He says he "hasn't stopped watching the footage" since Thomson beat him.

Ashe Bowman vs. Josh Thomson

Round 1: Thomson throwing hard left kicks high and low; one catches Bowman in the head and the Lion's Den fighter high fives "The Punk" to say good job. Thomson comes forward with a powerful right hand that sends Bowman backward, and the champ pounces with four more punches that put him on his back, followed by several hammerfists. Herb Dean waves it off, but Thomson doesn't see the call at first and lands an extra shot after the fact.

Josh Thomson def. Ashe Bowman via TKO (Punches) at 1:50 of Round 1

In the post fight interview, Ken refers to Herb Dean as "Cecil." Oof.

Kazuo Misaki vs. Joe Riggs

Round 1: The fighters feel one another out for the opening two minutes, Misaki showing some angles and circling around Riggs who is standing firm in the center of the cage. Misaki obviously wants to wait and counter Riggs, but Riggs won't bite on Misaki's myriad feints and false kicks. Finally Misaki lands a solid inner leg kick, the first real offense of the fight after 3+ minutes. A couple more leg kicks and some solid body shots from Kazuo. Riggs lands a left flush to the chin of Misaki but the "Diesel" wasn't 100% behind it. A left roundhouse from Joe finishes off the anemic opening frame. scores the round 10-9 for Kazuo Misaki.

Round 2: Another minute of feeling out to begin the second round, before Riggs drops Misaki with a lightning fast left. Misaki pops right back up and comes at Riggs with a clean right straight that puts the UFC vet on his backside. The Grabaka Dojo product pounces and unleashes a flurry on the downed Riggs, who is on his back and covering up completely. After a number of unanswered shots (most of which Riggs absorbs with his arms), Josh Rosenthal signals the end of the bout, which Riggs immediately protests. Looked like a decent stoppage from here - if Riggs wasn't finished, what was he waiting for? Misaki wasn't gonna stop punching.

Kazuo Misaki def. Joe Riggs via TKO (Punches) at 2:29 of Round 2