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UFC Fight Night 15 Thoughts

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--Houston Alexander is going to be cut for sure after this performance.  He looks to have learned nothing on the ground since his loss to Thiago Silva, and was frankly an embarrassment in the first fight.  His refusal to go to good camps that offered him a spot was a huge mistake.  The guys training him are clearly clueless, and sabotaged his career.    

--Danzig looked sharp with strikes in the first round, but nothing ever really connected, and he just couldn't handle Guida's pace.  I think Danzig has a bright future, but he's going to need better wrestling if he ever wants to be a champion.

--Nate Diaz performed very well tonight against a tough opponent.  Neer's guard was much better than I remembered, but Diaz countered everything he tried, and just outworked him in the third.  Nate's striking actually looked a lot better than his brother's, I'd like to see him fight Clay Guida next.

--Despite three decisions, I thought this was a good show.  The main event in particular was a blast, and I hope they don't cut Josh Neer after that performance.