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UFC Fight Night 15 Results, Updates and LIVE Fight Coverage


Nothing like free live fights on a Wednesday night to bust up the monotony of the working week. will be bringing you live results and play-by-play for the main card of UFC Fight Night 15. Be sure to join in and post your thoughts as the event (and the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 8) unfolds, but as always please refrain from undercard spoilers. I'll be back at 8 PM EST for the beginning of the televised card. Check here for undercard results.

Okay, the Ewok party is over and we're minutes away from the start of the live telecast. Sounds like there were some exciting prelims, so hopefully we get one or two of those to pad out the evening.

As promised, the show is dedicated to the memory of Evan Tanner. R.I.P.

Goldberg informs us that "Houston Alexander bleeds Nebraska Cornhusker red." Eric Schafer is predictably booed but gives some respectful Muay Thai bows to the crowd anyway. Alexander is hamming it up, saluting and making his "X" for the hometown. Josh Rosenthal is our ref.

Houston Alexander vs. Eric Schafer

Round 1: Schafer looks to touch gloves, Houston says no thanks. Schafer shoots in for a leg and eats a huge knee that crumples him. At first glance, Schafer's knees appeared to be on the ground. Alexander can't capitalize as Schafer is able to neutralize the ground and pound from his back. Back to the feet and Eric is pressing Houston against the cage, but still eating some nasty knees. Schafer finally earns the takedown and takes side control, but Alexander uses his feet to walk up the cage and reverse... but he reverses right into a guillotine. Houston pops his head out but Schafer immediately mounts him and now rains down some sharp elbows and forearms. Houston is covering up and can't seem to solve the mount. Alexander looks like he's done as he gives up his back. Schafer doesn't want it and stays in mount, pummeling Alexander until moving into position for a beautiful arm triangle. Alexander taps with seconds remaining in the round. Schafer pops up and gives a mocking salute to "The Assassin's" hometown crowd. Very impressive win for Schafer, who weathered an early beating that many (myself included) thought might break his spirit. Eric Schafer def. Houston Alexander via Submission (Arm Triangle) - Round 1 - 4:53

After finishing the "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Replay" (yeesh...), Schafer yells out "That was for Evan Tanner, my hero!" Goldberg, in a rare display of self-control, simply says "Nice."

Ed Herman vs. Alan Belcher

Round 1: Herman catches an eye poke early but doesn't seem too fazed. They clinch against the fence and are almost immediately broken up by "Big Dan" Miragliotta. (Who let him out of Jersey?) Belcher is keeping his distance, lunging in occasionally with stiff left jabs and crisp leg kicks. They clinch again, and again are broken up almost instantly. Herman finds himself with his back to the cage once more, but this time reverses and hits a neat double leg. Herman in his foe's guard, then moves to side control, working for a D'arce choke but Belcher gets back to his feet. Just as quickly, another takedown from Herman with :20 remaining and he goes back to looking for the D'arce. The round expires and Spike cuts to commercials just as the squeak of the horn become audible. scores the round 10-9 for Ed Herman.

Round 2: Belcher connects with a hard left jab to open the round. Herman looking confident in his stand-up, moves in with a nice left hook-overhand right combo. Belcher lunges in with a vicious looping right that sends Herman stumbling back into the cage, where they clinch again. Herman seems to have regained his composure, but his combinations are coming slower and sloppier now. The corner of Belcher implores him to "tighten up" as his hands are at his sides, taunting Herman who grabs hold of a leg on a kick attempt and scores another takedown. Herman can't pass Belcher's guard and Belcher scrambles to his feet, hands still down and now looking decidedly more tired. With :10 remaining, Rich Clementi screams "Superman!" from the corner and Belcher obliges, to little effect. scores the round 10-9 for Alan Belcher.

Round 3: The fighters embrace as the final stanza begins and both seem content to play Rock Em Sock Em Robots for the first minute of the round, snapping one another's heads back with traded jabs. They clinch with Herman's back to the fence and Belcher is working some foot stomps. Nice. Belcher is landing some hard straight rights but Herman has a chin of granite. Herman charges with a knee and Belcher flops back into the cage, but he's playing possum and Herman knows it. Belcher stuffs one takedown attempt but can't fight off the second. Herman in half guard but just can't pass and Belcher stands back up. Belcher with a nice right high kick / right hook combo. Herman looks exhausted but Belcher just can't finish him. Herman charges in for another double leg and immediately moves to mount this time, landing some hard strikes to Belcher's head which is pressed against the cage. Herman closes out the bout from the mount with some weak ground and pound, clearly drained. Very close fight. scores the round 10-9 for Ed Herman. scores the bout 29-28 for Ed Herman.

Alan Belcher def. Ed Herman via Split Decision
The judges score the bout 29-28 Belcher (twice) and 29-28 Herman.

Cecil Peoples was one of the two judges who scored it for Belcher. Didn't catch the other names. I gave it to Herman off the takedowns and sub attempts, but Belcher's striking was far more crisp and accurate throughout the match and I could easily understand giving him the second round. Okay, I went back and watched R2 again during this extended commercial break and it belonged to Belcher. I still give the match to Herman though. Ah well. Guida time!

Mac Danzig vs. Clay Guida

Round 1: The crowd chants "Guida!" right off the bat. Danzig's strikes are looking tight in the first minute of the round, but he's not connecting very soundly. Great leg kicks from Danzig to Guida's thighs seem to hurt, but Danzig comes rushing in throwing punches and gets taken down immediately. Danzig looking from a kimura from the bottom but can't secure it and works his way back to his feet. Guida with another takedown, Danzig's back to the fence where he stands once more. This time Guida lifts him up high for a slam and Danzig sinks in a guillotine which appears tight, but which Clay soon escapes from. Guida dropping some nice body shots from the guard, but Danzig is able to stand again as the round ends. Very close round but I've gotta give it to Guida for the plethora of takedowns and positional control. Danzig's striking didn't appear to hurt Guida all that much. scores the round 10-9 for Clay Guida.

Round 2: Guida catches a Danzig high kick and lights him up with a right hand that puts Mac on his bike. Guida hits another takedown but Danzig is back up to his feet almost instantly. Some tentative striking through the middle of the round, no clear advantage to either fighter. Guida with the takedown... Danzig backs up to the fence and gets to his feet. Guida can't keep him down. But he takes him down yet again, this time with a very nice single leg. Both fighters back up now, 1:00 remaining. Danzig lands a couple crisp right hands but leaves a follow-up leg kick out too long and is taken down again. Clay ends the round having taken Mac's back after a belly-to-back suplex. scores the round 10-9 for Clay Guida.

Round 3: Guida catches a leg kick from Danzig and tries for a takedown against the fence for the first minute of the round. Danzig staves it off, breaks and scores a takedown of his own! Mac looking to isolate an arm for an armbar or kimura, but Guida works his way out and Danzig is suddenly looking exhausted. Guida still looking for a takedown against the cage, now wrestles Danzig down. Danzig looks extremely frustrated, throwing his hands up to his corner and peppering Guida with ineffective shots from guard. Guida moves to the side, now with one hook sunk in, trying to secure the back. The switch levels a few more times, Danzig looking for an amen submission but it's all under control for Guida who is gonna take this handily on the cards. scores the round 10-9 for Clay Guida. scores the bout 30-27 for Clay Guida.

Clay Guida def. Mac Danzig via Unanimous Decision
The judges score the bout 28-29 (twice) and 30-27.

Dana formally announces the rumored December card which will be called "UFC Fights For The Troops" and will be held at Fort Bragg. It's going to be live on Spike, and folks can call in during the show to pledge donations for some Army hospital. Interesting. They're going SUPER-DRAMATIC for the Couture/Lesnar promos. This is over-the-top even by UFC standards.

Josh Neer vs. Nate Diaz

Round 1: Leg kicks early on from Neer, who then surprisingly bodyslams Diaz to the floor. Neer has a D'arce choke but quickly relenquishes as Diaz gets to his feet. Standing, Neer has Diaz' back but Nate is controlling Neer's right arm and twists around into a whizzer. Some neat technical back-and-forth on the ground, before both fighters stand and continue the exchange with their hands. Nate's working the famous Diaz family boxing style, peppering Neer with light but effective shots. A beautiful judo throw from Nate Diaz puts Neer on his back! Diaz looks for a kneebar, then steps over and momentarily takes Neer's back as time runs out. scores the round 10-9 for Nate Diaz.

Round 2: Diaz with some stiff body shots and jumping knees from the clinch to begin the round. Neer scores the takedown but he can't keep Diaz pinned. Diaz is showing fantastic BJJ, transitioning over the top of Neer with ease. Neer on his back now, Diaz stacking him up against the fence and landing some middling blows. Neer works back to his feet and hits a takedown, and now he's on Diaz' back with both hooks in, looking for the rear naked. Diaz escapes and now finds himself on his back, angling for a triangle. Neer senses it and stands above Diaz, moving in with an axe kick which Nate neutralizes. Diaz back to his feet, but not before eating some hard rights from Neer. They close out the round in the clinch. scores the round 10-9 for Josh Neer.

Round 3: Neer takes Diaz' back standing in the first minute but botches a suplex, allowing Nate to turn around and get a takedown of his own. Diaz can't pass guard and Neer works back to his feet, but he's soon back down. Neer grabs for an omoplata but Diaz again shows a very slick step-over escape. The fighters clinch against the cage with a minute remaining, Neer looking for an armbar but Diaz shakes it off. Another judo throw secures the round and most likely the victory for Diaz. scores the round 10-9 for Nate Diaz. scores the bout 29-28 for Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz def. Josh Neer via Split Decision
The judges score the bout 28-29 Diaz (twice) and 29-28 Neer.

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