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Quote of the Day: Nate Diaz Talks Josh Neer

"Josh Neer is a less technical person, but with that [and] getting into the UFC, he’s had a bunch of tough fights. He’s not a guy to come out and quit. He’s a guy to go out there and go hard the whole time because he’s had it rough the whole time. He’s had to fight these technical guys his whole career. With all these fights he’s had, he’s learning the technical points. It’s definitely a tough fight, but I train with tough guys all the time.

If he doesn’t [finish], it’s just gonna get worse off on him. If I had my way, I would not have time on these fights or make more rounds. Sometimes I’m a slow starter, but that’s what helped me get through [Pellegrino in April]. I had to wake my ass up."

-- Nate Diaz talking to Sherdog about tomorrow night's fight with Josh Neer.

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