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Winners of Cro Cop/Overeem, Kharitonov/Mighty Mo to Fight for DREAM Heavyweight Title

Earlier today, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic appeared on Croatian channel NovaTV (a station who in the past has televised many of the Croat's bouts live for his home nation) and revealed future plans for the fledgling DREAM promotion's heavyweight division. User "loreia" on the Kakutougi forums broke the news with a quickfire translation:

From his interview for NovaTV broadcasted just minutes ago:

"Winners of two HW fights scheduled for Dream.6 will fight for Dream HW title. Those fighter will be: myself and most probably [Sergei] Kharitonov".

In other words, Mirko is expecting to kick the head off of Alistair Overeem on September 23rd, and thinks the returning Sergei has a pretty good chance against "Mighty Mo" Siligia. I don't necessarily agree with his assessment of either match, but any two out of those four fighters would make a nice marquee match-up for the Japanese fans and positively reeks of New Year's Eve. Also, if there was any doubt before, I think it's now pretty safe to assume that Filiopvic is never, ever coming back to the UFC.

HT: Nightmare of Battle

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