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Canada's TKO Championship Fighting Signs Television Deal

I encourage our Canadian readers to help explain the significance of the deal - specifically, how large the reach is of TQS - but this seems ultra-encouraging to me:

Montreal’s TKO Championship Fighting revealed that they have signed a television deal with the TQS television network, and began airing “TKO - Friday Night Knockouts” on Sept. 5 and every Friday night thereafter at 9 p.m. 

The news was promising for TKO, as TQS is not primarily a sports channel, but more of a variety channel. Patry used the analogy that TQS is like Spike TV, except it isn’t on cable. Everybody that has a TV set in Quebec has TQS. 

“Our first show was Friday night and the response was just amazing,” said Patry. “The sport was already very popular here in Quebec but this weekend I went out with my girlfriend and we couldn’t even walk in the streets with Steve Bosse, who was part of the show with Derek Gauthier and Martin Grandmont. Everybody was talking to them about the show.”

Somewhere, Mark Pavelich is fuming.

UPDATE: It turns out the readers think this isn't that much of a deal. The reach of TQS is very regional and doesn't even really affect Pavelich's MFC base of operations. Thanks for the clarification.

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