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Countdown to UFC 87 a Slam Dunk

Anybody that missed tonight's Countdown to UFC 87 show needs to find a way to see it. Watch it here.

This was the best countdown I've ever seen, because they took two guys that were not draws at all before and did enough to make them stars.  The Roger Huerta stuff in particular was the most compelling television they've ever had in one of these shows.  I was already a fan, and after this I am really hoping he wins.  It is impossible to hate him after watching this.

It's interesting they chose to focus on Huerta/Florian over the Brock Lesnar fight.  It's clear they expect Lesnar to lose, so they are choosing the focus on the other fights in order to build stars for the future.  If Lesnar is able to pull off the win, the hype train for Lesnar will be back on. 

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