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Explosive Dana White Radio Interview

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Dana White just got finished with an explosive radio interview on Hardcore Sports radio. I don't have a link yet, and I joined halfway, but here are some highlights:

--He is obviously very unhappy with Roger Huerta. He basically called him a moron for complaining and bitching about PR. Said he hasn't beat anyone to justify millions of dollars that he's demanding, but if he beats Kenny Florian it's a different story. (This week in the Observer, Dave Meltzer reported Huerta is asking for a bigger contract than BJ Penn has.)

--Rampage Jackson is "okay" now. After he was arrested, he was in psych evaluation, and they found there was no psych problem. It was exhaustion and dehydration that caused delirium, and he will be at UFC 87. He has legal problems, but he is physically and mentally better. From the sound of this, they are 100% behind him.

--Tito Ortiz is the "biggest moron on planet earth." On Celebrity Apprentice, he didn't talk because he didn't want to be exposed for being "completely f***ing retarded."  

--Says Affliction lost over 4 million dollars, and guarantees they will be out of business soon.

--UFC will focus all their efforts on the rest of Canada and getting MMA legalized up there.

*** UPDATED, 3:19 PM PDT by Chris Nelson ***

An MP3 of the full interview is now available here.