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With IFL Dead, Chris Horodecki Fielding Offers

Andy Cotterill has a nice piece on Chris Horodecki up over at Sherdog.  It sounds like there are several promotions sending offers his way.  Read on:

Among the suitors for the baby-faced Horodecki (12-1) -- who piled up seven victories in the promotion before meeting a brick wall named Ryan Shultz in their rematch at the World Grand Prix finals in December 2007 -- the WEC, Affliction and the Kentucky-based American Fight League have all thrown proverbial hats in the ring.

“The AFL has come in with a very generous offer,” says Clark, “but Affliction has said they will match it or beat it.”

According to Clark, Affliction would like to book Horodecki in a lightweight bout for its Oct. 11 sophomore event at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, while the AFL’s next event will likely take place in November. An opponent has not been discussed for either event.

Horodecki is the perfect fit for the WEC where a fight against 155 lbs. champion Jamie Varner would be dynamite on the feet and could even be money if they built Chris up the right way.  When I hear that AFL and Affliction are courting him I just have to wonder who they're going to match him up against and what the long term plans would be for him in a promotion like Affliction.

While we've seen Zuffa sign the Miller brothers we've also seen Vladamir Matyushenko and Ryan Schultz take their act elsewhere.  Horodecki, Roy Nelson and Jay Hieron are the three big names that remain on the market after the fall of the IFL.  Zuffa needs to make a move as Horodecki and Hieron could really strengthen the WEC's strong, but not incredibly deep roster.

Update:  As pointed out in the comments I did a big disservice to Wagnney Fabiano by leaving him off the list of big names left on the market after the IFL death.  Also it is rumored that Roy Nelson is signed to Affliction and will be facing Jay White (2-5) in a "what does it prove" contest but this has not yet been confirmed by Nelson, his camp or Affliction that I have seen.  White claimed in an interview that he was signed to fight Nelson, but I'll wait for confirmation before advancing this past the rumor stage and declaring Nelson off the free agent table.

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