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Quote of the Day: Brock Lesnar Doesn't Rule out a Return to Wrestling

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"They would have to pay me big to come back...This (Ultimate Fighting) pays good, and I'm home every night. Pro wrestling was just brutally grinding on my body. No nights off, a different city every night, a different airplane. And if I got injured, I had to be on TV the next day."

-- Brock Lesnar, not sounding very enthusiastic about a return to professional wrestling, but not categorically eliminating a return to it either.

As a side note, there are now officially a million and one sites copying's "Quote of the Day" format. Strangely, even as I change the format, other sites change right with us. The fact is "Quote of the Day" isn't the most original format ever, but no one in the MMA world was doing it before us. I was doing it before I was even writing for this site. So, the next time you see it, just know where it got started.