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Erik Paulson Talks Brock Lesnar

MMA Memories has a great interview up with Erik Paulson, who has been instrumental in bringing Brock Lesnar along:

 “I think nobody has been really able to understand since I’ve been training with Brock - his transitions, controlling and riding people are unbelievable. He was really good at riding people in college wrestling. That explains why he didn’t put his hooks in. A lot of people were expecting him to put his hooks in but Heath is really good at rolling out as soon as you put your hooks in. And another thing about Brock is he is really, really hard to catch in a submission. Now we’re really looking for Brock to slow down and really look for openings for strikes and submissions....

His striking has gotten so much better. That’s what we’ve worked on for the last two fights - his striking. It’s a daily process. You have to keep in mind they’re not throwing Brock any slouches. He jumped right into the deep end....

Brock hits like a sledgehammer. He hits so hard and he’s fast. One thing we’re really working hard on is not pushing his strikes but launching strikes with crack and pop at the end. To have boxer-level hands. Also, his knees are devastating. I would not want to get kneed by Brock. His knees are huge. Heath had no idea that Brock was going to come out and throw a kick at him." 

If and when Randy Couture fights Brock Lesnar, he's going to have to find a way to beat a bigger, faster, and stronger man.  He's also going to need to make sure he doesn't eat any knees in the clinch, because Lesnar gave Herring a knee that just crumpled Herring.  

I think Randy wins this fight, but either way, the sky is the limit for Brock Lesnar.  He will come out of this fight a better fighter, regardless of the outcome.

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