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Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone Talks Staph, Suspension

Five Ounces of Pain has a really good interview with WEC 155lb contender Donald Cerrone in which he discusses his recent suspension for using diuretics and the surprising reason he was taking the banned substance -- staph:

Sam Caplan: You mentioned weight cutting and I wanted to ask you about the suspension you received following WEC 30 when you tested positive for a diuretic. Can you discuss your motivations behind using it?

Donald Cerrone: I didn’t take it to cut the weight, which was the problem. I took it because I had a really bad staph infection and I took it to clean out my system to get rid of the medications I had been on. The medications I was using to treat the condition made me feel worse than the staph infection did. The weight cutting is never a problem for me so a lot of people are misled by thinking that.

Sam Caplan: Can you talk a little more about staph, which has become pretty common in a lot of gyms. It’s almost an epidemic it seems. I assume you picked it up from training with someone?

Donald Cerrone: Yeah, I either picked it up here in Colorado or down at Greg’s. I had it really bad. I had it in my armpit and in the pit in the back of my legs, my arm, and down my leg. It was bad, man. It was in my bloodstream and I was in the hospital a couple of days right before the fight. The medication they gave me made me feel like crap so I had the diuretic to help me get cleaned out. The weight was no problem and I popped a 25mg pill, which was next to nothing but it is what it is. The suspension was good for me. It helped me work on a lot of things I needed to work on.

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