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Randy Couture Non-Settlement

MMA Junkie has a story on the possible return of Randy Couture to the UFC.  It claims that sources close to Couture say he is willing to fight once more as a way of resolving the legal dispute:

Reigning UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture could return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship by year's end as part of an out-of-court settlement with the organization. 

Multiple sources close to the fighter, speaking exclusively to, today said that Couture is willing to fight once more for the UFC, possibly before the end of the year, as a potential resolution to his ongoing legal battles with the fight promotion. 

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be any more successful than it was last time he tried.  According to a source very close to both parties, this isn't the first time the settlement offer has been made.  In June, when the UFC was desperate for a London main event replacement for Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture supposedly made an offer to fight Nogueira if he would be allowed to leave and fight elsewhere immediately after.  The UFC turned it down.  I don't believe they are any more likely to accept the settlement now, especially with an arbitration decision about to be handed down.

I do expect Randy will return eventually, maybe even by the end of this year or early next year, but I find it highly unlikely it will be under these terms.  The deal makes no sense for the UFC.

Rumors of a Couture return in November have circulated for days on message boards, and there may be something to them.  I have my doubts though.