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Mirko Cro Cop vs Alistair Overeem at DREAM.6?

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Copreem_mediumNightmare of Battle has the following translation of Mirko's comments about his next fight (by way of Betwwx):


"Today I am going to Amsterdam where I will be preparing with Remy Bonjasky and Ivan Hyppolite. I trained in Zagreb with Dean Lister who is one of the best grapplers. It wasnt just preparation for this fight, its allways good to have that kind of sparing partner."

"It isnt still confirmed, but I would like to fight vs Overeem. I really dont know why he said that kind of statements. I was never choosing my opponents. That kind of conversation is not my style but I would like to say to him to save his strength for ring, not for talking. I really want this fight.

"He is good fighter, excellent puncher, and also good in parter. He had 93 kg and he jumped to 108 kilos and with his 196 centimeters he really looks impressive. But weight is always a two-edged sword."

Punch Drunk Gamer confirms the fight will take place at DREAM.6.

Once again this proves that talking smack is a great way to get a fight booked. Alistair's been asking for this fight for a while:

My desire to fight Cro Cop began when I read his interview stating nobody wanted to fight him and that’s why he fought some walking-punching bag-guy [Tatsuya Mizuno] at Dream 3. My management offered me a fight with him at that event and he declined. Then at the K-1 Amsterdam event my opponent got injured and the promoter attempted to arrange for Mirko to fight, again he declined… …This really pissed me off because now my fight was canceled because this douche-bag didn’t want to fight me while he was saying nobody wants to fight him. That’s crap, and that’s why I grabbed the microphone, and I’ll keep doing so until I get this fight. I will get him.

Graphic by MMA Mania.

With Cro Cop at #9 in the August Meta-rankings and Alistair at #16 (down from #13) this will easily be the most important heavyweight fight to take place in Japan since the collapse of PRIDE. Overeem's been on a tear since moving up in weight class and Cro Cop has been wobbly since his ill-fated signing to the UFC.