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Chuck Liddell's Sponsor Gives Away the Plans

One of the worst-kept secrets in MMA is that Chuck Liddell is one win away from a title shot.  If he beats Rashad Evans, he will almost surely face Forrest Griffin in a huge main event.  According to his sponsors, that fight will take place in December in Las Vegas if Chuck beats Rashad:

To hype December's fight, Iceman RX is holding a sweepstakes starting on September 1 and ending on December 27 (to coincide with Liddell's appearance at UFC 92).  The winner receives a special edition Chuck Liddell Iceman Rx Hummer H2.

Lyoto Machida will surely be rooting for Rashad Evans in two weeks.  Even if Liddell does get the shot, Machida is probably only two wins away from a shot of his own, but he really needs a decisive win on free TV over Thiago Silva to seal the deal.

If Liddell loses, I still think he'll be fighting in Vegas, though it would likely be against someone like Shogun, Wanderlei Silva, or even Anderson Silva.  


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