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Japanese MMA in Big Trouble

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From Dave Meltzer:

Sengoku is Japan’s second biggest MMA company, behind only Dream. But both groups are question marks going forward. Sadaharu Tanikawa, who heads Fighting Entertainment Group, the parent company of Dream, has noted that if the company doesn’t get a strong television rating on its Sept. 23 show, its future is in question.

Sengoku is in even worse shape. Sunday’s show drew about 10,000 fans, maybe half-full, to the Saitama Super Arena, but in Japan free tickets are not hard to come by. The group has no television in Japan, and does almost no numbers on pay-per-view, while putting on expensive first-class shows.

DREAM is on the ropes and honestly I have no idea how World Victory Road is still putting on shows with no TV, no PPV and piss poor live draws.

No wonder Antonio Inoki is considering bringing in the Tae Kwon Do fighter who kicked the ref at the Olympics.