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What Does EliteXC on PPV Mean for EliteXC on CBS?

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Chuck Champion told Steven Sievert that they are building to Gina Carano vs. Cyborg Santos for their PPV show early next year:

The two are now expected to meet next year on [the] promotion's first PPV event.

"If Chris destroys another opponent, people are going to be clamoring, especially if Gina clobbers hers.

 Put aside the question of whether this is smart booking or not.  There is an argument for each side there.  The real important implication is that if there is a PPV show in March 2009 that will presumably be headlined by Kimbo vs. Brett Rogers and Gina Carano vs. Cyborg Santos, that means that the earliest either of EliteXC's two stars could return to CBS is next June or July.  There's a very real possibility that neither of them will appear on CBS for 8-12 months after this October if that is the plan.

They desperately need stars that can carry the few shows between now and then in the ratings.