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Gan McGee Is Ambitious

Former UFC heavyweight contender Gan McGee (or, more specifically, his new promoter) just released his "Top 10 Heavyweight Hit List" via email blast. Let it never be said that "The Giant" doesn't set his sights (unreasonably) high.

10. Johnathan Ivey: "Right off the bat, Ivey is the first man I’ll face in my comeback, and Ivey’s been running his mouth for far too long about how I’m gonna wish I stayed retired.  Well, after we’re done fighting, he’ll REALLY wish I stayed retired!  Got that, Ivey?  I can’t tell you how good it’ll feel to bash that guy right in his damn face.  I want him.  Now."


9. Tim Sylvia: "Me and Tim have some unfinished business.  Nothing against him personally – he’s a nice guy and all – but he flat-out cheated in our fight.  Let’s see how he does against me straight-up, with no pharmaceutical enhancements.  Let’s find out who the better man really is.  I’m ready whenever you are, Tim."


8. Josh Barnett: "For four straight years, I went undefeated – stopping every single opponent in the first round, with just one exception.  And that exception was Josh Barnett.  We fought in the first-ever Super Heavyweight bout in UFC history, and I rocked him hard in round one.  I nearly put him away.  But he caught me in round two, winning by TKO due to strikes at 4:34.  Josh is a great fighter, and I’d love to rumble with him one more time… ‘cause it sure would feel good to smash him around the cage again!"


7. Kimbo Slice: "I think Kimbo is bad for MMA.  Period.  And I’m the right man to remove him from the sport for good.  Next."


6. Brock Lesnar: "Brock’s a big strong guy and he’d face an interesting challenge for me.  He’s got plenty of size and power – and so do I.  He has a stellar amateur wrestling background – and I was trained in college by the legendary Dan Gable.  It would be a great test for both of us."


5. Cheick Kongo: "This would be an excellent matchup because of our styles.  I respect Kongo, and think he’d be the ideal gateway fighter for me to break back into the top-tier of the division."


4. Randy Couture: "I’ve looked up to Randy for many, many years.  I met him for the first time when I was just a kid at a wrestling camp.  He’s a real good guy.  And y’know, because of our age difference and relationship, fighting Randy would be kind of like fighting my Dad… no offense, Randy!  But I’d love to do it."


3. Heath Hering: "I faced Herring in Osaka, Japan; it was my first fight since all that controversy went down at UFC 44 with Sylvia, and I took the fight on short notice, losing a split decision.  No excuses, though: Herring won, and he’s an exciting, world class fighter.  I really hope I get an opportunity to avenge that loss, ‘cause it still bugs me."


2. Fedor Emelianenko: "Why do I want to fight Fedor so badly?  Because he’s currently the best heavyweight in the world – and if you don’t want to face the best, you have no business in MMA.  Personally, I think this would be a helluva matchup – the kind of fight that would have fans on their feet from beginning to end.  I’d have a ten-inch height advantage over Fedor and would fight him as the bigger man, making him fight shorter than he actually is.  I’d utilize my reach, making Fedor come to me – and when he comes in close, I’d take him out."


1. Everyone else: "Bring ‘em all on!  Look, I didn’t return to MMA just to collect a few paychecks.  This is all about my legacy – about finally establishing myself as the number one heavyweight on the planet.  When I’m at my best, I know how good I am… and the only one who can stop me is me.  I’ve watched all those other heavyweights and believe me, I fear no one.  Any time, any place, boys."

McGee will return to MMA for the first time since his pair of 2004 losses in PRIDE on September 13th when he faces #10 on his list, Jonathan Ivey (seriously, click that link), in Tampa, Florida.

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