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Clip of the Day: Olympic Taekwondo's Finest Moment

Okay, it's not MMA, but this is a martial arts clip worth checking nonetheless. In what will most likely be the most exciting moment of 2008 Olympic taekwondo action, Cuban competitor Angel Matos kicked a referee in the face today after being disqualified for taking too much injury time in his 80kg+ bronze medal match against Kazakhstan's Arman Chilmanov.

The ref, Chakir Chelbat of Sweden, required stitches in his lip, and it's already been suggested that Matos (who spat on the mat and was promptly escorted from the premises) should be has been banned for life by Jin-Suk Yang, president of the World Taekwondo Association -- or, more appropriately, WTF.

More info and images in themachiavellian's FanPost on the matter.



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