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Brock Lesnar Doesn't Worry Cheick Kongo

With Cheick Kongo's management confirming that he has been offered a fight with Brock Lesnar later this year we can start turning our eyes toward this rather compelling match-up.

Jeffrey Lee at MMARated has up an interview with the powerful striker:

CK: I’m a UFC fighter. I can fight anyone they want me to fight. They wanted me to fight one of the top heavyweights in the world [in Mirko] Cro Cop and I did it! They wanted me to take a step back and fight a newcomer like Evensen and I did it too. If the UFC wants me to fight Lesnar, I’ll do it for sure.

JL: What were your thoughts on his performance against Heath Herring at UFC 87?

CK: Amazing fight. Lesnar was impressive. He showed confidence in his standup striking and completely dominated Heath Herring.

JL: What would be your strategy going into a fight against Lesnar?

CK: Just invite him for dinner [laughs]. I won’t tell you what would be my strategy! Why would I tell you that? My next opponent would know what to look out for! You know, I try to never underestimate any of my opponents but there's really nothing that worries me too much with Brock Lesnar. I know it could be a tough fight, but, you know, I train hard and I will be ready for this one too. I am hungry.

I'd think Lesnar's takedowns and control on the ground would be of some concern but hey, what is Kongo supposed to do?  Admit that he could be in trouble?

If Brock can avoid getting hit and close distance he is going to put Kongo on the mat at will.  From there the most interesting thing to watch in the fight will be Lesnar's ability to maintain dominant positions while still inflicting damage which is something he was unable to do at several points in the Herring fight.

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