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Kimbo Slice's Next Opponent: NOT Sean Gannon

Kudos to Five Ounces for this scoop:

While it is uncertain whether Gannon was ever truly under consideration as an opponent for Slice on Oct. 4, EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw ruled out any possibility of the bout taking place while speaking exclusively with

“No, Sean Gannon will not be the opponent on Oct. 4,” Shaw stated succintly.

Looks like Gannon's money demands have locked him out of the running for this matchup. I'm not sure if Gannon realizes that the Kimbo/EliteXC gold rush is quickly coming to an end or not.

This leaves Ken Shamrock and Brett Rogers as the most likely opponents for Kimbo on October 4th.

Shamrock is obviously washed-up but does theoretically present a threat to Kimbo on the ground. He's still got the name ID with casual fans to draw some interest. Personally I think he should've been Kimbo's opponent at the May EliteXC event.

Rogers is an entirely different kettle of fish -- he's highly likely to beat Kimbo badly and bring the hype train to a crashing halt. If EliteXC signs this fight, its a sign that they're willing to throw away any future moneys Kimbo could generate if he's brought along carefully.

Honestly I think the James Thompson matchup was a huge mistake, as Thompson wasn't well regarded enough for beating him to mean anything and the near loss to Thompson opened even the eyes of the most casual onlooker to the fact that Kimbo has limited MMA skills at best.

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