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Quote of the Day: Paul Daley and Jake Shields

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I will win by knockout for sure... Alves Vs Hughes style!

I’m not going to match him on the floor, I will knock him out standing - or maybe by ground and pound.

Paul "Semtex" Daley talking to Fighters Only about his upcoming title shot against Jake Shields.

I’d like to take him down and submit him. I’m definitely not going to try and knock him out, but anything’s possible. I’m going to throw some punches.

Jake Shields talking to MMA Weekly about the Daley matchup.

He also had this to say about Shinya Aoki:

I guess they were trying to get Aoki, but he’s got no bushido. I don’t think Aoki wants to fight me. He’s got no warrior spirit. He’s from Japan, who’d have thought?