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Antonio Silva, Edwin Dewees Fail Drug Tests

One big and one small.

From Affliction, it was Edwin Dewees.

From EliteXC, it was the Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Silva.

Photo: and

Credit to Bryan Alvarez.

[UPDATE] by Nick Thomas - More details from MMAWeekly:

- Dewees tested positive for Nandrolone "The level of drug in Dewees’ system, 499ng/mL, far outstrips other high profile fighters who have been ensnared by the CSAC since it began drug testing in March of 2006."

- Silva tested positive for Boldenone, "an anabolic steroid mainly veterinarian in nature" "According to Douglas, the CSAC does not record the level of Boldenone in a fighter’s system, as the drug’s long half-life in the body make false positives extremely unlikely."

- Both men have been suspended one year from the July 19 bout, and have been fined $2,500

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