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Paul Daley vs. Jake Shields on CBS for EliteXC Welterweight Title

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Oh hells yeah:

"Jake Shields and Paul Daley have a date on Oct. 4," quipped [Jared] Shaw. "Both fighters have verbally agreed. Bout agreements are out and we’re just waiting for them to come back in.

"Unlike some others, these are two guys that I trust their word," he said of the verbal commitments from Shields and Daley.

The man also known as $kala also laid to rest Josh Gross' Sean Gannon report:

Another huge question mark surrounding the pivotal Oct. 4 event on CBS is the opponent for the already announced Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson. Most speculation has centered on Brett Rogers and Ken Shamrock.

. . .

"There are several options we’re considering right now. Gannon is not the guy," he said firmly.