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Quote of the Back in the Day: Tito Ortiz's Submission Acumen

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"Whether you love him or hate him, Tito is a very skilled fighter. He has a very well rounded game, but his strength is certainly his ability to put you on the floor and keep you there while he lands a barrage of punches and elbows. His submission game is underrated. He spends a lot of time with submission guru Dean Lister and it shows. He hasn't relied on it much in his fights, but the ability is there. He showed it time and again in the training camp of mine he attended in Sacramento, Calif. prior to Vitor Belfort III. He submitted almost everyone in camp, including me."

-- Randy Couture, in a column published on April 13, 2006. This was two days prior to UFC 59: Reality Check where Ortiz decisioned Couture teammate Forrest Griffin.