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Snapshot of the Day: Anthony Johnson, Post-Eye Surgery

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From ProMMA, who caught up with Anthony Johnson today at the IMMAE (International Mixed Martial Arts Expo) in Long Beach, CA. Johnson required Lasik surgery and stitches in his right eye after his retina became detached during his controversial TKO loss to Kevin Burns at July 19's "UFC: Silva vs. Irvin" event.

While at IMMAE, "Rumble" was also a guest on Sherdog's Savage Dog Show and spoke candidly on a number of interesting topics, including the surgery and his feelings towards Burns and referee Steve Mazzagatti, working on his kicks with Cung Le, whether Cung could take on Anderson Silva, plus Johnson's rumored beef stemming from a sparring session with Josh Barnett. The interview begins around 1:39:00 on the podcast.