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WEC 35: "Condit vs. Miura" LIVE Results and Updates

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Check back here tonight at for live blogging and results for all the night's action. Be sure to chime in and offer your thoughts as THREE titles are up grabs on just one night.

The event has officially started (although the fights won't air until 9 p.m. EST), so click here to get all the undercard results live.

I'll rejoin the party at 9 p.m. to give you all the details.

UPDATE: Ok, we're minutes away and I'm cised. Let's get ready to go to battle.

Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page

Round 1 - Fighters touch gloves. They exchange immediately. Page slips and Bowles is on top in Page's guard. Bowles working above average ground and pound, but not trying to pass guard. Bowls working a guillotine, but now Page is on top. Page backs up and the fighters are now on their feet. A big right lands from Bowles. Bowles hunts for a takedown, but Page whizzers hard and stuffs it. Page tries for a double leg slam off of a single, but Bowles locks in a guillotine. Page taps.

Official time is 3:30 of the first round. Fantastic win for Bowles. He's now defeated a number of quality of opponents, but more importantly, opponents who differ in style. I'm very impressed with this kid. Plus I'm from Georgia, so, I've got that going for me.

Jamie Varner vs. Marcus Hicks

Round 1 - Fighters clinch against the fence after Varner stuffs a takedown. Varner shakes off a few takedown attempts and a guillotine attempt.  Varner lands two monstrous knees that rock Hicks badly. Varner smells blood and pounces. Hicks is taking a TON of abuse but won't go down. Two more knees from Varner followed by a right hand does the trick.

Referee Steve Mazagatti stops the fight. HUGE HUGE win for Varner.

Official time is 2:08 of the very first round.

Brian Stann vs. Steve Cantwell

Round 1 - Fighters touch gloves. Cantwell looks to be working the outside game. Mir is correct when he says Cantwell isn't working angles. He's coming in straight and staying in the pocket a long time. Cantwell looking to land the left hook. Big exchange with Cantwell getting the better of it, but Stann is clearly the harder puncher. Fighters clinched along the fence. Cantwell connects with a superman punch and a few more strikes. Fighters clinch against the fence again. Cantwell slips and Stann lands some big punches on top. Cantwell gets back to his feet. scores the round 10-9 Cantwell.

Round 2 - Stann lands an unintentional groin strike to start the round. Cantwell lands a huge body shot. Fighters clinch against the fence and break again. Cantwell attempts outside trip but is stuffed. Cantwell unloading on Stann against the fence with a diverse arsenal of strikes. Cantwell stops Stann with a fantastic display of hitting high, low, kicks, punches, and most notably, smart location.

Official time is 4:01 of round two via TKO.

Carlos Condit vs. Hiromitsu Miura

Round 1 - Fighters key off each others kicks to land crosses. Miura tries a osoto gari, but Condit stuffs it. Miura lands harai ogoshi and lands in side control. Miura backs up and Condit returns to his feet. Miura lands brilliant foot sweep, but Condit gets back to his feet and lands a heavy right. Right hand from Condit lands and he moves right to knee on belly. Miura caught in a semi-crucifix with Condit's right leg. Condit tries to hit a far side armbar, but it was slow and telegraphed. Miura lands another throw.

Extremely close round, but scores it 10-9 Condit.

Round 2 - Condit lands a push kick and a left hook. Miura slips and Condit is on top. Miura lands an up kick.  Miura puts Condit in butterfly guard. Condit tries a cartwheel pass and lands in half guard. Miura attempts a sweep, but Condit lands in full mount. Condit attempts the armbar, but Miura pulls his elbow below Condit's hips to avoid the submission. Miura attempts another throw, but slips. Condit on top in Miura's full guard. scores the second round 10-9 Condit.

Round 3 - Condit attempts the shot, but hits the peak out to take the back. Condit tries to land an outside trip, but misses. Condit bullies Miura into the cage and takes the mount after a failed guillotine attempt. Miura hits a reversal and lands in Condit's full guard. Miura landing GNP, but Condit gets to his feet and lands a monster knee. Condit on top and passes to mount. Miura gives his back and Condit works for the RNC. scores the third round 10-9 Condit.

Round 4 - Miura lands a left with better hand speed. Condit bullies Miura into the cage and works from top. Miura hits a sweep and works from on top. Condit grabs an ankle, but its loose. Both fighters exchange and Condit just drags Miura to the floor and ends up in mount. Miura just powers him over into a reversal and works from on top with heavy punches. Condit pushes Miura off and gets back to his feet where he lands a big knee. Condit lands on Miura on top to his side - putting his weight on him - and punches until the referee stops the fight.

Official time is 4:43 of the fourth round. Fantastic fight and great night of action.