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Tito Ortiz Negotiating Again With the UFC

I always thought that the UFC was the best option for Tito Ortiz going forward, and it looks like he may be reconsidering his decision to leave.  Dan Stupp reports in his latest column for the Dayton Daily News that talks between the UFC and Ortiz have resumed:

Now, according to industry insiders, Ortiz is hosting formal negotiations with all the top promotions - Affliction, EliteXC, the AFl and even, surprisingly, the UFC.

"I don't know if we're really negotiating, or simply helping Tito stroke his giant ego," one frustrated company representative said."

Given the respective financial situations of EliteXC and Affliction, neither can afford to pay Tito the kind of money he wants.  He made over $900,000 for the fight in May against Machida, nobody is going to be able to pay him that in other organizations.

The UFC wants to lock him up to keep the star power away from other organizations.  The real question though for them is how to get the value out of him to pay off that contract when he can't beat the top names in his division.  One answer is to try to use him in a more creative way, as a coach again on TUF opposite a star they want to build up.  

My guess is we won't see Tito Ortiz fight again for a while.  He'll take the time off he needs for his name to gain strength, and come back for a nice payoff.

Hat Tip:  Sam Caplan

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