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Rumor: Chris Horodecki vs. Dan Lauzon at Affliction's "Day of Reckoning"

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Since it was announced that Chris Horodecki had signed a three-fight deal with Affliction, there's been much speculation on just who the former IFL fighter could square off against at their October 11th "Day of Reckoning" show. After all, the bulk of the 155-pound division's Top 10 talent lies largely in Zuffa-owned territories or Japanese organizations, and Horodecki is the only lightweight currently under contract to the upstart promotion.


Now reports that Affliction is considering Dan Lauzon - a one-off UFC fighter and younger brother of current UFC contender Joe Lauzon - as an opponent for "The Polish Hammer." Since dropping his lone big-show bout to Spencer Fisher in October of 2006, the 20-year-old Lauzon has gone on a 6-1 run, including a current six-fight winning streak which has seen him tearing through competition in the main events of cards from Massachusetts-based World Championship Fighting. A match against Horodecki would be a decided leap from the calibre of opponent Lauzon has faced of late, but it would also be an opportunity to redeem himself on the big stage against a highly-touted prospect who appeared somewhat gunshy following his first career loss.

A pair of Lauzon fight videos (one pre- and one post-UFC) are under the cut.

Dan Lauzon vs. Wayne Harnois - 9/21/2007

Dan Lauzon vs. Dyrell Walker - 8/5/2006