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Rampage Jackson's Arraignment Postponed Due to "New Evidence"

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Quinton Jackson was scheduled to be arraigned today in connection with his July 15th hit-and-run escapades, but Loretta Hunt has learned that the Orange County DA's office has postponed the court date, citing unspecified "new evidence" in the case:

“The district attorney’s office is responsible for filing charges and that case is still under investigation based on some new evidence that has been discovered,” said Farrah Emami, spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Emami said Jackson, 30, would be notified of a new court appearance date once charges have been filed. Emami could not provide a timeline as to when the district attorney’s office, in conjunction with the Costa Mesa police department, would complete its initial investigation.

. . .

“There were different incidents that occurred in different jurisdictions. There was Highway Patrol, there was Costa Mesa, there was Newport Beach. We’re looking at all of this as one potential case,” said Emami. “The recommendations of the police are taken into consideration, but it could be more charges or less charges, depending on what the evidence reports.”