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Matt Hughes, Old, Cranky, Trashes St. Pierre

While I respected Matt Hughes for his incredible run as UFC champ I never liked him and he's certainly doing nothing to change that. Its one thing to talk a little trash about an upcoming opponent or a fighter you've beaten even, IMO its utterly disgraceful to talk smack about a fighter who has soundly beaten you so badly that there's NO interest in a fourth Matt Hughes/GSP match. There's a phrase for what Matt Hughes is now: sore loser.

From a MMA Shoot interview with Hughes:

HT Steve Cofield.

As a bonus, in the extended entry there's an animated gif of GSP pulling an absolutely brilliant sweep, the kind of move I doubt Matt Hughes could even diagram much less execute that is sheer poetry in motion and one no one watching with any understanding of the sport could find boring. If Matt Hughes ever wonders to himself why he'll never be champ again, its because he isn't learning. He's not the same guy who trained with Militech and Horn anymore, that guy would have watched the whole fight.

This brilliant sweep reversal is something you'd never see Matt Hughes do in a million years. This is an incredible move, watch how GSP climbs down Fitch's limbs to escape bottom position and then get the takedown, all in one smoothly executed and clearly rehearsed move.

George St. Pierre Sweeps Jon Fitch UFC 87 Seek and Destroy