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If GSP Is out Until 2009, BJ Penn Should Defend His Title

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Georges St. Pierre made waves yesterday when he said that he needs time to rest, and that he isn't looking to fight BJ Penn until 2009.  Seeing as he has spent most of the last year and a half training and fighting, this is completely understandable, and I can't help but shake my head over the fact that some fans are mad at him over this.  I suspect it will be Liddell headlining the December show that many thought Penn and St. Pierre would headline.

If St. Pierre is looking for some time off, BJ Penn really ought to defend his title against Kenny Florian in November.  They don't have a main event for that card, and if BJ waits until Spring 2009 to fight GSP, it will mean that we will probably go over a year without a Lightweight Championship defense.

While they risk squandering a potential dream match, I find it pretty unlikely that Penn will lose, and think the guaranteed damage of putting the Lightweight Championship on ice for over a year is worse than the possible damage of Penn losing to Florian.  A successful defense would also go a long way in helping to hype the future fight between Penn and St. Pierre as well.