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Quote of the Day: Boxing Matters in Mixed Martial Arts

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“Even in the octagon, (an Ultimate Fighting Championship fight ring) what separates the good UFC fighters from the bad ones is their striking ability...So when you show up and you are a grabber or jujutsu, when those two come together and cancel each other out that secondary skill usually leads to the winner of the fight. And it usually is their ability to use their feet or their hands.”

-- James Meldrum, manager of the Premier Fitness Health Centre in London, Ontario England.

One note: boxers and boxing trainers always seem to think no matter the challenge, boxing has some sort of answer or wisdom to impart. Sam Sheridan described how his boxing trainer believed a well-schooled boxer could find the antidote to the MMA fighter or Thai boxer. And here we see this quasi-reductio ad absurdum going on where Meldrum tries to narrow the universe of MMA action such that boxing in MMA is more central to the sport than it actually is. Very strange.