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Matt Serra: "I Had Fitch Picked to Win"

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TriStateFighter just posted a great brief audio interview with Matt Serra, who was far more complimentary of old nemesis Georges St. Pierre's "per-for-mance" on Saturday than Matt Hughes was. I've transcribed the most salient bits below for those who don't speak Long Islandese, though you'll have to listen to the full audio to find out what Serra thought about Pineapple Express and The Dark Knight.

On the St. Pierre / Jon Fitch title match:

I actually had Fitch picked to win. I thought Fitch was gonna win. Because, you know,  Fitch is such a warrior, and he displayed that warrior heart Saturday night with his refusal to give in... I just think that other guy is so freakin' athletic, and it seems like his confidence is at an all-time high, and that's a big problem for people.

On Luke Cummo's UFC 87 loss to Tamdan McCrory:

I love the kid, but I kinda wanna kill him. Everyone's telling me about this fasting thing, you know... As his trainer - me and Ray Longo - you'd think we'd be in the loop with it, but the guy didn't freakin' tell us anything. So it's like, I'm in his corner, win or lose I'm gonna back the kid up. But, you saw, it wasn't a technical thing why he lost. He's just weak, man. He's weak because of all this stupid crap he's doin', man. Whatever the hell diet he's doin'. The kid should eat a steak if he wants to stay in that freakin' weight class, you know?

Some more interesting bits:

- Serra suffered a bruised ulnar nerve in his second fight with GSP and only resumed boxing and rolling again a few weeks ago.

- He's beginning to train for his grudge match against Hughes. Although nothing has been signed, Serra says the fight is "concrete" at this point, guaranteed to take place as soon as Hughes recovers from the knee injury he suffered against Thiago Alves at UFC 85. (A knee injury which Serra says he'll be trying to exploit in the bout.)

- Training partner Pete "Drago" Sell will be dropping to 170 for a fight against Josh Burkman at UFC 90 in Chicago.