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Paul "Semtex" Daley Headed Stateside to Fight for EliteXC

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A month ago, ex-Cage Rage Welterweight Champion Paul Daley went against the express wishes of Cage Rage parent entity ProElite and competed on rival UK promotion Cage Warriors' July 12th "Enter the Rough House 7" card. To further stir the pot, the always verbose Brit spoke out against both Cage Rage and ProElite regarding what he perceived as a lack of respect on the part of both companies.

Now 30 days removed from his first round knockout of previously undefeated Slovenian prospect Bojan Kosednar, we've learned Daley's punishment for biting the hand that feeds: a spot on EliteXC's September 20th "Return to Showtime" event and, should he emerge victorious, a guaranteed shot at newly-crowned EliteXC Welterweight Champion Jake Shields:

“Right now I’m training my ass off. I’m always a slow starter in training camp, but I'm in my rhythm now,” informed Daley. “I leave for Holland this weekend for two weeks of training camp out there with Mike's Gym and Melvin Manhoef before going to the U.S.A. and training with my secret weapon.”

“I beat this guy (on Sept. 20), I will no doubt be fighting for the EliteXC title next!” stated and emphatic Daley.

In the same interview with MMAWeekly, "Semtex" says he can't name his opponent for September 20th as of yet, but that it's "most likely against an undefeated ex-IFL fighter." (No unbeaten IFL welterweights spring to mind...) Also, while the man clearly doesn't need a whole lot of work on his striking, it's scary to think what kind of Thai boxing skills Manhoef could instill in him. Any guesses on his "secret weapon" in America? Considering Daley's weaknesses, my money's on him putting in some time with ATT or Xtreme Couture.