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Email of the Day: CroCop Is God Edition

A reader writes:

Yo pussy,       
U no nothing about cro cop and u look like a fag in ur picture so before u attack cro cop why dont u fuck with me and i will hand u a beating worse than cro cop would u little fagget.  Luke pussy thats ur new name and hey! keep watchin, mirko will get the last laugh against fedor just like i got with ur pussy ass bitch! oh and by the way if u knew anything u would no the cro cop was screwed by dana white. he is the only champion to come from pride that didnt get the respect he desrved. A title shot right away vs couture. ands trust me he would have kicked his ass, rather then puting these gorrillas infront of him. Hey if u got a problem with cro cop come to Toronto and i will fix ur little fagget ass!
God, I love MMA fans.

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