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Big Risk Pays off With Brock Lesnar

Yesterday on Luke's radio show, MMA Nation, Frank Trigg echoed the consensus position about the UFC's decision to give match Brock Lesnar up against Heath Herring in his third ever MMA fight: 

"What are they thinking?"

Putting Lesnar in against Herring was a gigantic risk.  Herring is more than just a seasoned veteran, he is an excellent fighter that has been in there with all the top heavyweight names of his era.  I admit that I shook my head and called this a dumb idea when it was announced, but it paid off in spades.

Nobody can doubt Brock Lesnar anymore.  In his third ever MMA fight, he beat the crap out of Heath Herring.  He decked him with an amazing right, nearly crippled him with a knee to the gut, and just bullied him around the rest of the time.  He even survived a pretty solid knee to the chin during a scramble without looking like it hurt him at all.

Brock Lesnar is likely to emerge as the "next" Tito Ortiz for the UFC, and I mean that in a good sense.  He has a larger than life personality and history, and he can simply bully around most of the guys in his weight class.  He's not going to be winning fights with triangle chokes anytime soon, but a win like this counts just as much as any other kind, and he is only going to improve from here.  I'm sure they'll spend a lot of time in his next training camp working on ways to finish when a guy gives up his back, which is tricky when his hands and arms are too big to pull off most conventional submissions.


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