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Brock Lesnar: The Next Big Heel

As I was watching Lesnar celebrate his win, I remarked to the people I was watching with that the hardcore fans would lose their minds over his antics.  The fans haven't disappointed, Sherdog and other places have exploded in hatred for him.  They want to see him get his ass kicked.  That's the idea.

Brock Lesnar really understands his role as the outsider that the hardcores hate.  He is going to draw a lot of money for them, he has the potential to easily fill the space that Tito Ortiz used to occupy.  I know Kevin Iole says Kongo is next, but that is really stupid.  Cocky Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Coleman the legend would probably make them an insane amount of money.

Here's a quick paraphrased quote from Lesnar at the post-fight press conference as reported by MIke Coughlin:

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone...oh, wait, no I'm not, I don't care at all."

This is going to be very entertaining to watch.  As a guy that used to watch pro wrestling, it's very funny to me, because he was known as a guy that didn't know how to sell fights there.  His personality fits MMA a lot better.

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