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Instant Reaction to UFC 87


Pretty entertaining show tonight.  I thought all the fights were entertaining, outside of Kongo's borefest.  With that said, my thoughts on various parts of the evening.

-First off, we went 2-1 on my picks at +5.15 units.  Very good night to say the least.

-Brock Lesnar is an animal and if he can continue to progress as a fighter, the UFC heavyweight division will have a monster on its hands.  I was extremely impressed with Lesnar's ability to control Herring, not to mention knocking the Texas Crazy Horse halfway across the Octagon at the start of the bout.  It seems like Brock is too big to get hooks in from back control, though.

-Jon Fitch put in one of the most gutsy performances I've seen.  We're talking Big Nog levels of taking punishment and still coming out for each round looking relatively fresh.  Again, it just goes to show what kind of level GSP is on.

-Mike Goldberg seems to get worse and worse with each show.  He made a number of mistakes and miscues tonight, including calling Mirko Cro Cop the former Pride Heavyweight Champion.  He also insensitively made a war comparison and used his usual outrageous hyperbole and catch phrases.

What upset me most, however, was Mike's use of "statistics" tonight.  First off, the stats they showed at the start of the should not become standard fair.  MMA is so dependent on matchups and styles, and without a large sample size, they're fairly useless.  There's some merit in them, but they shouldn't be used with the gusto that Goldberg had tonight.  The last straw for me was GSP's passing of Fitch's guard.  Goldberg reacted with such excitement that I imagined he had a bingo scorecard of stats and he finally hit the jackpot.

Goldberg needs to go, and quickly.

-I missed 3 minutes of round 3, but Huerta/Florian looked like the war we all expected.  Florian, as many assumed, patiently waited for opportunities to punish Huerta giving him a fairly dominating unanimous decision.

-GSP/Penn II, make it happen.

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