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Josh Barnett Will Not Accept a Pay Cut

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Dave Meltzer reported that Tom Attencio will allegedly ask fighters to take a 50% pay cut to work the Las Vegas show in October.  Zach Arnold interviewed Josh Barnett, and reports on his reply here:

Barnett replied by saying that he was not going to take a pay cut to fight.

In addition, when asked about whether or not he’ll fight Fedor, Mr. Barnett said that it’s not up to him as far as whether or not the fight gets booked. He wants to fight Fedor, but can’t worry about the politics surrounding why the fight hasn’t been booked.

I think everyone knew those salaries were unsustainable.  While I'm very excited for the second Affliction show, I am tempering my excitement because Fedor's name has been removed from the Thomas and Mack Center's Affliction page, and we still don't really know if he's been signed to anything.  I highly doubt Fedor's team will accept a pay cut.

Note:  Fedor's name was on that page at one time, and now it's gone.  That absolutely does not mean he is off the show, it's just something that was pointed out to me.

Update:  Here is Dave's report on the cut.  It sounds like they will only be asking certain guys to take cuts:

The promotion has talked with some fighters about doing the 10/11 show for 50% of what they made on the first show (cutting down the payroll) but in return they would give those fighters easy opponents.