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Paulo Filho Training With BJJ Champ André Galvão

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Undefeated WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho has been shoring up his already nasty Brazilian jiu jitsu game in training for his September 10 title scrap with Chael Sonnen by rolling with decorated BJJ world champion André Galvão, Tatame reports:

"I believe a lot on BJJ, and he’s not a rookie, his an expert, he’s a star. I’m sure he’ll debut with a victory, I trust on BJJ a lot more than any other martial art. It’ll be hard to find an opponent with better BJJ than his", guarantees Filho, that believes Galvão helping him on training will be excellent. "He trained with Wanderlei (Silva) and will help a lot on the ground work. I hadn’t a great material to work with for a long time", celebrates Paulão.

It didn't look (or sound) like Sonnen enjoyed that armbar from Filho very much the first time around; it's scary to think what "great material" Galvão has imparted on Anderson Silva's training partner now. And, moustache or not, I agree with Paulo's assessment that Galvão will probably submit whatever slouch he's thrown against in his MMA debut after about :30. Love him or hate him, the guy is an absolute BJJ monster and could very well be the new "Jacare" in a few years' time. His recent interview on FightWorks is recommended listening; the controversial video of him at the 2008 World Jiu-Jitsu Championships in June after the jump.

Warning: video contains strong language.