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Oscar Diaz in Critical Condition

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Combat sports are combat sports so I just wanted to give this a brief mention on our site.

Oscar Diaz collapsed before the start of the 11th round on ESPN's Wednesday Night Fights last night.  I'll let Scott from BadLeftHook explain what it was like to watch things unfold:

I can't get over watching the final moments of the fight, as the referee warned Diaz's corner that they could be putting their man at risk, followed by that pained shriek that came from Diaz before his legs betrayed him as he attempted to continue on.

Diaz has had emergency surgery to relieve some of the swelling from the bleeding on his brain and remains in critical condition and as of the last updates I have seen is still on a ventilator.

I am on vacation and as such this is one of the first times in a while that I've had a chance to sit down and enjoy watching some live boxing in a while.  The evening got off to a bad enough start after a poor end to Fox Sport's broadcast of James Toney vs. Hasim Rahman II (cut stoppage following a headbutt...ruled a TKO because Rahman complained of blood in his eye) and as I switched over to the better fight of the evening but things were getting increasingly brutal prior to the very scary end as Diaz collapsed.  I will say however that Diaz's corner disgusted me by trying to prop up a very visibly hurt fighter who was having trouble answering questions from the ref before the start of the round.  That kind of display is just shameful.

However, now is not a time to talk about the relative dangers and merits of one sport versus another.  Now is the time to let your thoughts and prayers be with a combat sports competitor.

Get well Oscar...